Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive.  And then go and do that.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. -Harold Whitman


I had been fighting an illness that was later
 diagnosed as cancer.  I had no idea that it
was something that was brought on
by technology.

  One evening in 2005 I fell asleep around 6:30 pm.
When I awoke, it was about 9:30 pm. 
As I opened my eyes, I noticed that there

There was nothing inside of me and
nothing outside of me.
My mind was blackened and empty.

My sense of existing - at all...was completely void.
I could not sense the identification of "me".
I could not remember "me".
I had ascended...

  I had gone through something that altered the human perspective of MIND.  It was a transfigurative
experience on a soul level. 

It was an ascension experience - "in the body".

My soul ascended and my physical body remained alive. 
I'm still a child of  God, the only difference is that my
soul is in union with God -creator from
a different perspective.

It is projecting itself from a higher platform. 
It is no longer operating through the
physical body of MIND. 

I've heard of other people who have had similar types of experiences.  It all sounds like fiction until
something like this happens to you. 

One of the reasons for sharing this story pertains
to my name change. 

My birth name is Lindsey. 
  I changed my name to Jazlan Ahn  in order
to be able to differentiate between the two realities. 
Before and after. 

This is not a religious experience.
It is spiritual mechanics.
It is a result of transmuting "revolutions" of
density over and over again.

It is a process of
"tempering and forging"

Many people have different theories about soul transitions.
How can someone who has never experienced something
like this even begin to offer an opinion on it? 

There is a lot of talk about ascension these days...
I do not consider myself to be a part of the new age.
I do not teach ascension.  It is not something
that I personally feel is even possible to

I teach the "BEING OF HUMAN"
 ascension in

If an individual experiences a traumatic event of any kind it is their personal experience.  The person who experienced the event is a direct witness of the event.

This makes them a qualified witness and expert
of their own personal life experience!

I do not teach "Ascension"
My work involves living in the present moment
on the physical earth while being in
partnership with the divine.

"The Being of Human"

I am always surprised when someone else attempts to justify or define something that they have never experienced themselves!  I ventured to inquire about it and spoke to several people who claimed to be experts.  I could not get an appropriate response from anyone.  I personally believe it is because "we" are the experts of our own life experience. 


Angelic beings do not have the same kind of soul-stuff-
as other beings.  Angels have a different kind of a blueprint.
They too are creations of God, with a slightly different
type of operating system. 

The soul of an angelic being is in an exalted state of creation.

  Not all angels are fluffy and sweet.

Many angels are here as soldiers and warriors.

Warrior angels are angels without harps! 

These angels are not always sweet because they
are often positioned at the front lines.
They can even be a little rough around the edges
but they will always have a heart of gold. 

Everything seems strange and new to me now.
I often feel as if I have absolutely no idea as to what the
social protocol is on this planet or how to even behave!  

I believe that everyone on the planet has volunteered to be here.
The majority of the human population is completely unaware of it.
Many of us have volunteered to be here and are working on multi dimensional levels of creation.  We may not even know it.
It is not the kind of volunteer work that receives any kind of glory, validation or recognition in the human world.

It could be the only thing that we actually came here to do
- and nothing more that th