We are kept from the experience of Spirit because our inner world is cluttered with past traumas... As we begin to clear away this clutter, the energy of divine light and love begins to flow through our beings.  -Father Thomas Keating

Jazlan has been speaking, singing, and signing the language of light since early childhood-

The Language of Light - Transmissions of Light!
By Jazlan Ahn

The Language of Light is a sacred expression which has recently been given a window of opportunity and new platform.  The Language of Light is not a brand name, it refers to a divine transmission of frequencies.  It is a language of creation which is generated through the high- heart chakra (aka: sacred heart).  It may be transmitted through audible as well as inaudible format.  This includes: vocal tones, phonics, sounds, written glyphs or sigils, painting, drawing, music, or any sacred creative expression.  The speaking of tongues at its highest level is also known as the Language of Light.  It is not a language which is processed, channeled, analyzed, or translated through the linear mind.

The audible sound of the language of light is rarely the
transmission that you hear.  The audible form of the language of light can deliver frequencies which are transmitted through tones, phonics, and sounds.  When the Language of Light is toned or sung, it is often accompanied by a high pitched ringing tone which may be heard inside of the phonics or tones being transmitted.  All transmissions of light carry frequency.  Transmissions of higher and deeper frequencies may vary depending on the clarity and spiritual cultivation of the heart.

The Language of  Light is not new.  It has been available to
humanity for eons of time.  Time itself - is in
its own process of transmutation. 

There is opportunity for human consciousness to
quickly transition into a new comprehension of being.
This is the realm of infinite awareness and higher forms of communication and telepathy.  

Language is a cognitive glue.  It can serve our highest potential of growth, balance and well being or it can deteriorate our perspective and color our view.  Language assists in the identification of form, thought, concepts, ideas, perception, and expression.  The Language of Light is a completely different kind of language.  It is a frequency stream of information which transcends the linear mind and ego.  It is a transmission which flows directly from source through the higher portals of the sacred heart, voice, hands, or eyes.  This is why it may be difficult to teach the language of light through building block style identification and categories which break down the definitions of phonics through linear thought processing. 

Every human being has their own unique path and spiritual blueprint.  The form, sound, expression of the Language of Light is often unique for every individual.  
It is offered as a gift and an example of how light frequencies may be accessed through the higher
senses of the human energy system.  

The written form presented here is offered with the intention of demonstrating subtle energy transmissions that are intentionally -not vocal.  Power & subtlety are often associated with the quality and impact of these precious gifts.