"The convergence of mysticism and the new physics has brought us to the gateway of our humanness.  Beyond lies something that is literally beyond our language"  -M Scott Peck

~ Shifting Limited Perception into Expansive Clarity ~
...and then LIVING IT!

~ Jazlan Ahn

The UNIVERSAL CURRENT OF CONSCIOUSNESS is the ultimate platform of healing and transformation.  We are not able to create an affect or transform anything from its current status, location or perspective.

When we address the subject matter from the objectivity and perspective of
Universal Consciousness we reposition ourselves and join hands with the grace
and strength of the divine masculine aspect of creation.  

PERMANENT results and healing require conscious participation throughout the human energetic spectrum.  Conscious participation on all levels involves conscious RECOGNITION. 

What if we made a conscious decision - to RECOGNIZE the difference between illusion and peace?  

Recognition is the first step to any type of personal transformation
or healing.  It is a necessary requirement for achieving permanent results.

 ~If we want to know the answer than we have to ask the question!

In order to ask the question we need to be able to recognize that there
is a difference between two points of reference.

It is from this lens of perception where choices and decisions
can be realized.  Nature holds the key to sustaining our emotional
health and well being while we are living in the physical
body on the physical planet earth.

Awareness of Subtle Frequencies

A decision is a response which is stimulated through the recognition of choices.
These choices can offer the human mind an opportunity to shift from
one perception of reality to another.

Choices and decisions are formulated by the human brain.
The human brain inter-relates and compares systems,
categories, concepts and ideas.

The brain is not the mind.
The mind is a separate creation altogether.
The human brain is subject to the nature of the balance
of the human mind. When our mind is in alignment
with our heart center, we are in balance.

In order to prevent corruption of the choices and decisions
that we make in this life, it is necessary for the mind
to be in alignment with our heart. 

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